Credit Builder Program

No Matter What Your Credit History Is - YOU ARE APPROVED!

With our credit builder program we guarantee that you will drive off in a vehicle you'll love and a payment that fits your budget.

Low or 0 credit scores are very common in today's economy and our Credit Builder program is specifically designed to help customers who may have gone trough economic hardship in the past or just starting their credit journey. Regardless of whether you are a first time buyer, financially struggling, in the process of recovering, just got back on your feet or even if you just need a second chance, United Auto Sales is here to help with Credit Builder Program.

We offer financing options without being a Buy Here Pay Here so you can start building or repairing your credit with on time payments. Even if you are a first time buyer or you have been told you can't get approved by other dealerships. We will show you how you can get approved fast and start driving today.  No need to go dealer to dealer just to hear them say NO, our Flat Line Fair Pricing makes it easy for both buyer and the bank to say YES! Our approvals are Simple, Easy and Fast with easy to understand terms.

Our Financing Requirements are very simple:


1) Proof of Income (Most Recent 2 Paystubs or Last 3 Months Bank Statements)

2) Proof of Residence (Utility Bill, Credit Card Statement, Bank Statement or Cell Phone Bill)


Here are some guidelines and highlights from our program to show you how we can help in your situation.

  • Our approval process is strictly confidential.
  • We will ensure our credit specialists will always treat you with the respect you deserve.
  • Customers with late payments, defaulted medical or student loans, repossessions, bankruptcies and foreclosures are still eligible.
  • We have secured financing for customers with credit scores as low as 380!


We help good people everyday who had financial struggles in the past, and we promise we can help you or someone you know who just needs a second chance to get back on track.


All approvals are subject to income and credit qualification/verification and terms of the lender. Lenders might request other documents at their discretion.

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